Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Welcome to the two second world. That is the average time a person spends on a single post. First impressions matter. Depending on how it starts off, you make or break your audience.

Sri Lanka is catching up at an alarmingly increasing rate to the digital world, with more than 60% of the entire population who actively access the internet on a regular basis. To have a substantial presence in this audience is not only advantageous, but imminent as it is most certainly the platform of the future. What it cannot cultivate for your business at this given point in time, it can create and engage a younger audience that are the ones who take over in the days of tomorrow. Digital Marketing is the wisest investment that any SME can make to date, because business is soon to be made completely digital.
Bringing your brand/service to the Internet is the first step that can be made to create an audience base of your preference, as there exist countless various tools that allow you to cater to a very specific audience, the very audience you require. But in simplicity, to start off, is at no cost at all. To run and maintain a social media page is at no cost at all. But it’s not something to be taken lightly, as social media pages are amongst the first search results that come up upon the title of your brand being keyed in.
Which is why it is very important how you use the platform, and to understand and market your product in a way that boosts your brand image. Your social media page should not only carry information about your product and what it offers, but who YOU are, and what values you carry, and the all the hard work you have done to realize and bring forth such a brand, these are the small factors that contribute to the big picture, which shape the consumers opinion of the brand. If the consumer may not directly have an immediate need for the brand, but follows the page for its engaging content, as the brand image is consistently being pushed to them, a subconscious presence of the brand is created in their heads, and is there seemingly first response when something of a similar topic is brought up.

This is the power of digital media, to not only create and engage the consumer with versatile content, but to understand their needs and showcase how your product can meet theirs.

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